Our Mission

20 Aug 2011 USS BOXER

 Duty, Honor, Country 

I am blessed beyond measure. My wife Fran and I have spent many years serving on church and school boards. As a Marine family, we are centered around values and traditions: Duty, Honor and Country.

Today, more than ever, we see politicians attempting to divide the American people. The last thing we need in the 51st District representing you in DC is a career politician. It seems that ethnicity, gender and religious views are often used in campaigns to pit one group against another.

This is not what leaders do. True leaders identify peoples differences and uses them to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses. The goal should be to fostering and sustain a "One Team, One Fight" atmosphere.

Together with your assistance this is what I will do as your Congressman. I will not only fight for you in Congress we will win together for the District, California, and the United States of America.


 Education and Giving Back 

Our children’s educational experiences do not end in the classroom. It is our love of God and appreciation for our freedoms as Americans that encouraged us to cultivate that same spirit in our children.

One of our favorite traditions is giving back to our community. We have done so through various volunteer initiatives to include working with the Toys-for-Tots program, Volunteers of America and several organizations dedicated to feeding the homeless. We enjoy giving to those in need through homeless ministries and initiatives in San Diego.

I am interested in developing of a solid rewards-based system in which teachers and schools that consistently perform well and surpass district and State education averages are rewarded for their success.

 Missionaries Sanctuary 

We believe in fostering an environment that allows us to give to those in need and enjoy opening our home to student missionaries. For the last five years we have opened our home to student missionaries and helped facilitate work opportunities that subsidized the cost of their education.

All three of our children have conducted their own missions trips abroad to better expand their knowledge of the world and themselves. The Hidalgo family is dedicated to the success of the 51st District and is excited to have this opportunity to represent such fine Americans.