Hard Working Citizens

I grew up with and worked alongside many of you in National City. In doing so, I have learned many valuable things about our people of the 51st. We are hard workers who don't want handouts and we want the best employment opportunities.

The American desire for work is greater than ever and as your Congressional representative, I will fight for our established businesses and work tirelessly to increase employment opportunities throughout our community.


The unemployment rate in the 51st District is at an alarming 17.5 percent. Why is our unemployment rate much higher than the national average? This is unacceptable and I vow to do everything I can to influence and bring jobs to our communities. We have to ensure that our families are provided for and our right to do so is protected.

 Ownership and Opportunity

Our district has a a great deal of successful small business. These companies are what made Imperial County and South San Diego County successful. However, during many of my encounters with business owners in Logan Heights or Chula Vista, I have heard that without tax reform, our small businesses will not continue to thrive.

I have even had a small business owner from Logan Heights once tell me that after having built his business from nothing, he finds that he is now taxed so much he barely turns a profit. I find this to be unacceptable. We have stagnated our ability to grow business in our communities and, in turn, we have doomed our future generations because there are less employment opportunities.

 Greater Fulfillment

In a 1943 paper, American psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote "What a man can be, he must be." In his paper "A Theory of Human Motivation," Maslow introduced the Hierarchy of Needs — and at the top of the list was self-actualization.

What every basic human being needs to reach his full potential. In a nutshell, when a person works and provides for themselves and their family, great fulfillment comes. I believe in the people of the 51st District and I know what you can be. With my proven leadership and determination to help you succeed, I will get Americans back to work.

As your Congressman, I want to fight to lower taxes and lessen government regulations on small business.